Our services



The focus of our activities is on consulting for our customers regarding process optimisation from the system point of view. We provide continuous supervision aimed at providing optimal IT support of processes in companies and the organisation.

Personal on-site support is paramount for all consulting topics: Direct customer proximity best shows the consultant the particular organisation’s needs.


Knowledge about the possibilities and correct implementation of our systems is a considerable factor for user satisfaction. The deep process integration and continuous improvements that are supplied with every system release make the training very significant.

We train end users directly and as multipliers by way of “Train the Trainer” for countries where our systems are provided via distribution partners.

Rollout and Project Management

During our system rollouts, we handle the project management for the concerned market, i.e. the overall coordination of requirement definition from the development phase up to the deployment of the system including piloting.

We cooperate with rollout partners in new markets to build up a support and rollout organisation. On top of that, we attend the deployment of new releases in the markets.


We currently support over 30,000 users across 27 countries: We provide assistance in English and German for all IT situations. Our central Service Desk handles First Level Support for all IT needs: from rights administration to troubleshooting to dealing with specialist queries on the system that we develop and administrate.

Queries that can be resolved right away by our Service Desk are dealt with by the Porsche Informatik Second and Third Level Support for infrastructure and software solutions. Our support team has mastered the entire spectrum of our automotive solutions – with 50 years of experience in IT for the automotive trade.

Above all: Our staff speak our customers’ language, know the business and can rapidly and flexibly react to our partners’ wishes and problems. The accumulated competence of our IT-team is available in Salzburg. A concentrated force of developers and system specialists are on-site to provide rapid support, should the need arise.


Our POCSO operation concept – Porsche Client Server Operation – is a custom, high-quality service package, with which we support the IT systems of Austrian car dealerships as well as daughter companies of the Porsche Holding. For retailers, we centrally deploy current software from Salzburg to approx. 8,000 personal computers and 320 servers at over 320 sites, after thorough testing by the POCSO team. Within the Holding we administrate over 2,200 PCs as well as 1,000 smartphones and tables running POI software.

A high level of standardisation and a software landscape that is kept as homogeneous as possible together with sophisticated automation technologies allow us to effectively administrate such large numbers of users.

The most important POCSO services:

  • Standardisation
  • Computer installation
  • Central software distribution
  • System management
  • Technical support
  • Backup – recovery
  • Fulfilment of factory requirements

Data Centre

Our main concern is to ensure uninterrupted and secure operation of all software applications!

We operate more than 1,400 servers (over 80% of which are virtualised) in one of Europe’s most modern data centres (conova communications GmbH). Customer data (over 350 Terabytes) are on our highly available storage cluster and are mirrored in real-time.

We centrally provide over 150 applications for over 15,000 users in Austria and 19 further countries. To this end, we run 1,500,000 automated jobs per month and administrate over 10,000 end devices in Austria. Continuous improvement of our processes and investment in economically sound innovations help us to meet the rising number of applications and the constantly increasing performance requirements. It is particularly important for us to act cost-effectively, securely and efficiently.