Bild Porsche Informatik Rechnungslegung

Intelligent support for incoming and outgoing invoices


FlowER supports controlling and approving of incoming invoices in accordance with the workflow defined by the Porsche organisation. The system is controlled via business cases that specify the workflow participants and account assignment.

The most important functions:

  • Workflow control via business cases
  • Dual control principle
  • Reporting functions for evaluating invoices in the system
  • Delegation management
  • Posting (online / batch)
  • Daily master data replication from SAP

FlowER provides clear and well-arranged organisation of invoice control as well as a complete overview of all incoming invoices in the company. Additionally, all incoming invoices are immediately archived.


Within the Porsche Holding, SOFA (other invoicing) is a complementary system used by approx. 30 companies for producing invoices, that cannot be generated via our retail and wholesale systems – for example rental payments for real estate and invoices from Porsche Informatik.

Parametrisation of business cases allows intelligent invoices, making the system simple to use, without users needing in-depth accounting knowledge. SOFA is very flexible thanks to many customizing possibilities: New companies can be added without additional programming, and can immediately start invoicing. The adaptations necessary for new countries are also minimal – the settings can be made on-site by the responsible key user.