Bild Mobile Serviceannahme

Support for the core service process on mobile devices

Mobile Service Reception

Mobile Service Reception is a web application that runs on tablet computers, which, in combination with CROSS, supports the processes around vehicle reception in service operations.

All information relevant for vehicle reception is input in the table, edited and sent to CROSS. Photographs, e.g. of damage to paintwork, can immediately be added via the tablet and assigned to the order.

Service advisers can provide instant and transparent information to customers about the vehicle condition, special offers and prices – all information is seamlessly and traceably documented. The order, including the customer’s electronic signature, can be concluded directly on the tablet. The signed order can either be sent paperlessly by email or printed out, depending on customer preferences.

Digital checklists make sure that all important topics are covered. This ensures a standardised reception process that also meets importer audit requirements.

Order Extension and Repair Documentation

Order Extension and Repair Documentation is a web application consisting of three components: Repair Documentation, CROSS-Webview and Order Extension.
Repair Documentation is used above all by mechanics on mobile devices. It serves the purpose of producing media for orders entered in CROSS and saving the media via the internet in cloud storage.

If additional activities are identified as being necessary during the course of a repair, then the service advisor can document these using a mobile phone or tablet camera. These photos or videos can be assigned to the order in CROSS and saved in cloud storage. CROSS-Webview can be used to assign corresponding order items and forward them to the customer.

This order extension can then be called up by the customer for digital authorisation on a very wide variety of terminal devices.