The integrative platform for car retailers.


CROSS 2 is an IT solution conceived for the car retail trade of Volkswagen Group brands; a solution into which over 40 years’ Porsche Informatik experience has flowed. The system supports all car dealership processes in the sales, service and spare parts, and management and controlling areas, allowing users to focus 100 percent on their customers.

Cost-effectiveness thanks to an integrated IT concept

CROSS 2 is highly integrated via interfaces to other Volkswagen Group standard applications. It covers the entire value-creation chain from the end-customer to retailers and wholesalers through to the manufacturing plants. This ensures optimum in-house efficiency and puts car dealership employees in a position to immediately and precisely answer every question a customer might have about a vehicle.

All users in the dealership access the same central customer database. Customer information and vehicle history are available to all the company’s or corporate chain’s users at the click of a mouse.

The system is subject to continuous functional enhancement and adaptation to market requirements, legal provisions and technological standards.

Engine room for the digital transformation

The focus in developing CROSS lies firmly – as in all applications from Porsche Informatik – in an uncompromisingly customer-oriented design. Whatever the channel or platform in which the customers operate: Porsche Informatik applications offer them a personalised, seamless experience in line with their changing expectations on the search for mobility solutions. The basis for this is a holistic data model with which the customer is integrated into the system landscape. CROSS constitutes the core of this architecture or, in other words, the machine room for the digital transformation.