Bild Technologien
Technologies we use. The right tools for each environment.

All of our products are based on a Java back end – a stable runtime environment and very many open source libraries make this platform unbeatable.

The Spring ecosystem – especially Spring Boot – forms the basis of many of our applications. The many components handle the technical basis, allowing a greater focus on functional implementation.

JavaScript and TypeScript
For in-browser development we rely on the language of the Internet – JavaScript or its new variant, TypeScript. TypeScript offers IDE support via types, without losing the flexibility of JavaScript.

The basis for the front end of web applications and single-page apps.

For some of our back office systems we rely on the stability of C/C++.

For rapid development of Windows rich Clients.

SQL Databases
Relational databases form the backbone of most of our applications – access is usually via JPA / Hibernate.

Apache Solr, ElasticSearch
For full text search and general searches, for example on Das WeltAuto.

Cucumber and Selenium
A powerful duo for automated acceptance tests.

Our central builds run on a Jenkins cluster.

Git / Subversion
Depending on the project we use one of the established version management systems – recently increasingly Git in combination with Gerrit.

Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Atom & Visual Studio
We are currently using many IDEs – depending on project and technology we use what fits best.

OpenShift / Kubernetes
We deploy our cloud-native applications in our private cloud based on OpenShift / Kubernetes.

Machine learning, cloud automation or CMS systems – Python is used by many teams at Porsche Informatik.

Linux Container / Docker
Today, many of our applications are packaged in container images and distributed into the cloud. This allows high team flexibility and guarantees a consistent environment from development to production.

In the SAP environment, we rely on the HANA database in conjunction with the new applications (BW on HANA and S4 HANA) as future-oriented solutions.